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About My Madressah

This CD contains the 30 Juz of the quran only. This is a great tool to teach your child to memorise their surahs. My daughter has used it since she was 6 years old. Alhamdulillah she is doing well with her surahs.  All surahs are broken down in ayah format. They are in mp3 format.  The Qurah reciter is Sheikh Hudaify, former Imam of Madina.  Sheikh Hudaify’s tajweed is very clear. All you do is is copy the CD onto your laptop listen  on there  or if you want transfer it onto your mobile phone, ipad or android or any device of your choice that can play mp3. This CD is purely Audio. Great for children that can’t read arabic as yet. Most young children as early as 3 have a great capability of memorising at that age. This tool could assist a child or anyone wanting to learn to memorise the quran without even knowing how to read arabic.

we also have the full quraan version of this in dvd format. If you are interested click on My Hifz DVD

How to make the most of the  My Madressah CD

When you child comes home from madressah, they can play that specific ayah that they received to memorise for the day. The tool they use to listen to the CD should have a repeat function. Play that specific ayah on repeat and ask the child to repeat as well. InshaAllah they should learn this ayah after listening and reciting with him.

Also what is available on the CD is the full version of each surah of the 30 Juz. Once the child has completed a surah, they can listen to the full surah. The best way to do this is create playlists. Create a playlist of the surah your child is learning. Add an ayah each time the child learns a new ayah. Please ensure that the playlist where the ayah is added is in correct order as sometimes tools like Itunes mixes it up.

Make a playlist of all past surahs. Let the child listen to the surahs they learnt daily.

We are currently looking for resellers especially in Madressahs and Islamic schools. If you would like to purchase the CD in bulk, let us know to get a quote.

How to Order

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What the content in the My Madressah CD looks like

We have included some other  Islamic stuff my kids enjoy


My Madressah 30 Juz ayah version



Sample of how Sheikh Hudaify sounds






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